12 Tips to Help with Internet Safety against Widow Romance Scams

Widow Romance Scams

Even though I knew it couldn’t be true. I was recently suckered into an internet conversation with a seemingly nice man that turned out to be a Widow Romance Scams. I’m so embarrassed but a sucker none the less for wanting at least a male friendship conversation. I joined an internet dating site and I often have Facebook messaging on my blog here at A Widow’s Heart. There are widowers out there who also need support. I know that the experience of being a widower especially with children is different than our experience as widows. https://www.patriciamckenna.blog/

I won’t bore you with all the details but I encourage you to Google Widow Romance Scams. Apparently, we look like easy targets that give in to compliments and loneliness. Unfortunately, this can lead to broken hearts and broken wallets. Once you are made to feel you know them then they start asking for money for many different urgent personal problems or maybe just to come see you. Eventually, the person disappears with your money and you’re left not knowing what happened.

Remember you never know who is really behind that text, email, or Facebook message. Photos are often stolen from the internet without the person’s knowledge and used for Widows Romance Scams. Fake Facebook profiles are created and friend requests are sent. Never accept a Facebook Friend request from someone you don’t know in real life even if it says you have a mutual friend. https://www.facebook.com/groups/AWidowsHeart/

Here are 12 tips to help you with internet safety and avoiding Widow Romance Scams:

1. Men who have names that are 2 First Names like for example William George
2. Men who claim to be in the military since these photos are stolen more often and women tend to trust a military man.
3. Typos, poor grammar, misspelled words often throughout conversations
4. Inconsistencies in storyline information about themselves
5. Lies that always have an excuse
6. Flowery romantic language from someone you just started talking to recently
7. Professions of love from someone you just started talking to recently
8. Always an excuse not to meet for face to face date
9. Photos of themselves with cute children supposedly theirs because this increases trust
10. If you have never met someone face to face then you don’t even know if they are real.
11. Conversations are more often about you to gather more information about you
12. Often addresses you as “Dear”

Often it can be more than one person portraying one profile since different people can work on different shifts. More often the conversations occur late at night when widows are more lonely and open to influence. Perhaps, a sad commentary on the world today that people would prey on widows who can be so vulnerable. It is not new. It just has spread to the new medium of the internet and social media. They were the snake oil salesmen of yesteryear. Gosh, I sound old. Nevertheless, I hope these tips help you to avoid heartache and empty wallets, especially during the upcoming Valentine’s Day season. Join our New Closed Facebook group for A Widow’s Heart for Women Only with increased safety and peace of mind, https://www.facebook.com/groups/AWidowsHeart/ I look forward to talking with you in the group. Peace and all Good.

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